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    ARS backend db change

      We are contemplating switching our backend db from

      Oracle to DB2 or SQLserver.


      We're currently running


      Has anyone performed such a migration and if so can you share your experience on how you migrated production data to a another vendor's db.




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          LJ LongWing


          The best recommendation I can make for you is to install your suite on your new DB, and then use RRRChive to move your data

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            Laurent Matheo

            My advice is to forget DB2, it's certainly "solid" but let's say it's not the most used database for ARS so perhaps Support will have less experience compared to Oracle and SQL Server.

            Believe me, I worked 18 months on a project using 7.6.04 and DB2 and it took some time to get all options right for DB2, especially view handling which is... Peculiar to say the least in DB2

            But if you have a good DB2 DBA it's another story.


            Other problem with DB2 is that some tools aren't compatible with it, let's say Analytics. So this could be also a problem if you have a replicated database and you want analytics on it.


            Then again it'll depend on your database size, SQL Server "could" have problems if it's too big. May I ask why you're moving from Oracle? Too expensive?

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              I've never used RRRCHIVE but will have a look at it.   Have you used this to migrate data from one vendor's db to another vendor's db?

              I don't know if the ARS installer would create matching tables, etc.. between different vendor dbs, does it?





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                We're examining our support costs and Oracle is just too expensive comparitively speaking in terms of licensing and support.




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                  Misi Mladoniczky



                  I am currently working with a client using Solaris/Sybase. They are on 7.6.04 SP3, and they have been running Solaris/Sybase since version 2.0.


                  Sybase has the same nice Case Insensitivity settings as SQL-Server.


                  They recently investigated moving to Oracle, but the annual support cost was actually about 100 times (!!!) more expensive than Sybase. Maybe they have an old deal with Sybase, I don't know...


                          Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrr.se

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                    Anne Brock

                    Totally understand looking at costs of support for various products; and I have no particular preference for which database you use; but I just want to put a plug in for including "training" as part of the cost of switching databases... if you have a lot of people who know Oracle and no one who knows SQL Server or Sybase or DB2, please include some training for a few of them on the new database s/w!


                    I'm sure you've already thought of this, just mentioning for others who might be contemplating a switch...



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