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    Creating Data Store Instance for Linux on Linux appserver

      I am creating a new data store instance for Linux..


      Again this set of instructions is for creation on a Windows BL appserver, mine is on Linux.


      What should I put for the VIRTUAL_DIR? For the time being, I put the datastore path for my setup...


      And it talks about a web sharing which I dont think exists in my environment since its linux...






      Configuring Data Store Property Instances

      You must configure the data store location, path name, and access credentials as properties in the Configuration Property Dictionary. You can create Linux and Windows instances of the data store property.

      1. In the console, select Window > Show View > Property Dictionary.

      2. In the Property Dictionary tab, navigate to the Built-in Property Classes > DataStore > Pxe DataStore entry.

      3. Click the Instances tab.

      4. To create the Linux instance:

      a. Click Add .

      b. For Name, use Linux.

      c. For FULL_PATH, use the full path to the data store directory. For example: /home/BMC Software/BladeLogic/pxestore


      e. For LOCATION, use the host name or IP address of the data store host computer.

      f. For VIRTUAL_DIR, use the name of the virtual directory you created for web sharing. For example, pxestore.

      g. For USERNAME, use pxeuser.

      h. For PASSWORD, use Bl@d3l0g1c, or the password you used to configure the HTTP share. Note: USERNAME and PASSWORD are required only if you specified a user when you configured web sharing.

      5. Click Finish.