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    Problem with custom approval



      I have an SRD where I set the approval to Custom for SRs and then I created an approval chain with some conditions and linked it to the SRD.


      What is happening now is all the submitted requests will be generated in "waiting approval" status although they do not meet the conditions in the approval chain!


      If a request meet the conditions then I can see the the approver in the approval tab,

      if the request DOESNT meet the conditions it stucks in "waiting approval" status and the approval tab is empty!



      Any ideas ?





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          Ashwanth Padmanabhan

          let me take a guess over here...


          if you go to Custom Approval Chain Mapping form you will see your Custom Chain Approval which you created...and also for Global there will be one Chain Mapping named as Auto Approve...I think that should be enabled and the order should be your Custom Chain Approval should match first if it fails then the Global Auto Approval gets matched and moves the SR from Awaiting Approval to Planning..this you can Enable it and control with the Order...

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            Hi Ashwanth,


            I forgot to mention the version , it is


            7.6.04 Build 002


            Actually there is no such Auto approve chain , the global ones are


            SRM:Request_Mgmt Chain 1_SYSTEM up to Chain_5




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              Ashwanth Padmanabhan

              can you tell whats the status of the AP:Detail Record for that REQ??


              go to AP:Detail Form(login as Admin) and CTRL+O and check whats the status of the AP:Detail Record??? is is Pending?? or Error??

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                If the selected option should go directly to Planning then there is no record created in AP:Details form , it only creates a recod there if approval required and it is in Pending status.

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                  Ashwanth Padmanabhan

                  so are you saying that there is no record you can see in the AP:Detail form when your SR gets stuck in the Awaiting For Approval...pls check once again....

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                    Yes! I have just deleted all records in AP:Detail and then submitted a new request that stuck in waiting approval and AP:detail table is empty ! Weird enough !

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                      Ashwanth Padmanabhan

                      ...its a small work around...actually application has been designed in such a way that if there are no approvers then it throws an error..what we have done is we have just captured it and handled it through custom chain approval...now u can slow and steadily talk with BMC of what is missing in the actual scenario to figure out the root cause...pls update this work around in the thread so that if anyone faces this issue they can use this work around ....


                      have a nice day!

                      That was smart !


                      so what is happening now after creating the approval chain you suggested the request goes to planning , and this is because of the set status we have on the Error , Thats mean there is an Error ! but how can we capture that !


                      Thanks for your supprt !


                      can you do onething last try from my side


                      pls create a custom approval mapping....have Service Request Level and set the order to 20 and specify a qual which will be met by your Service Request...it should be generic for all the service request


                      say SR:Auto Approve is the name of it , select the company as Global and select the Service Request Level Process


                      and there if Approved set to Planning

                      if Rejected set to Rejected

                      If Cancelled just leave it blank

                      if Error then set the Status to Planning...


                      now you try submitting a Service Request your actual Approval Chain would fail the qual and the Auto Approve one will match and moves in to Error State as you dont have any approvers in the Approval Mappings....so your SR will move to Planning automatically...


                      this is purely a theoritcal one for me just guessing the functionality...but pls try this if it is success you will have a work around atleast u ll not be stuck anymore then you can search for a permanent solution may be talking with BMC support....

                      Hey Ashwanth,


                      What I am doing is even simpler! I only created an approval chain and using the process "Service Request - Management Chain" , and I have a qualification to check one of the SR Fields that mapped to a question.


                      If the qualification met then everything works fine, the request goes to waiting approval and a record in AP:Detail will be created


                      if it is NOT qualified then the SR goes to waiting approval but no AP:Detail record


                      Do I have to do it with approval mapping ?


                      hey its weird really.....ok what is happening when a custom chain(Service Request Level) is getting qualified but there are no Approvers in the Approval Mappings??? just set the Approvers Assignment Availability to No in the Approval Mappings Form and test once.....


                      what is the status of the AP:Detail record could you just test this(i am thinking it will go in Error Status)...if it goes then we may have a work around....for this





                      this can be used as a work around if anyone face this issue.....

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                        Thanks for the workaround Ashwanth!