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Re-open change request

Kwstas Tranos

Is there any way to reopen a closed Change request?

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    Ashwanth Padmanaban

    as per the process flow system does not allow to add the next status when it has reached 'Closed'...


    As per the Process Flow Configuration:

    Cannot add any more status transitions to the current process as there is already a status transition that sets the status to "Closed". .....


    However I am wondering in case of having Service Request generated a Change Request, if the Change is Closed and when the Service Request is Reopened....what will be the Status of the Change Request(will it be PIP?)...that is another scenario what i can think of .....but as a Stand alone Change Request that can not be reopened...



    but there is a functionality called Copy Change in the left Navigation Panel that may ease you to recreate another Change Request with the same data....

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    Saroj Sahu

    Agree with Ashwanth.

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    Pratap Dalai

    it can be reopened..

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    Kwstas Tranos


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    Laurent Matheo

    I just tried in 7.6.04 and once it's closed the accelarator bar hasn't any menu anymore and you can't change the status even as the change manager with "change master" permission.

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    Laurent Matheo

    I tried creating a SRD with as reopen option "fullfilment process".

    I passed the change to closed and reopened the SR, in fact the Change remains closed and it creates a workorder.

    If you resolve the Workorder, it'll resolve the SRD but won't reopen the Change. I guess to reopen the change you'll have to do a copy of it or something.


    But perhaps I missed something.

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    Hiteshkumar Thanki

    You can not do it from the Application forms you've to do it Dirty Way : Export ARX - Modify in notepad or before Import and Import. !

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    Ashwanth Padmanaban

    laurent did you mention on reopen of the Service Request reopen the fulfillment request instead of create new order in the SRD?? i think this option comes under the first tab of the SRD....under select PDT Field...

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    Laurent Matheo

    Yes I was surprised as well and redid a new SRD with "fulfillement" just to check but that's what I had in the end in both cases.

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    Saroj Sahu

    1. With SRM integration, when the CR status is "Completed", re-opening the SR from request entry console, also reopens the CR and moves it to PIP as Ashwanth mentioned earlier. However when the CR status is CLOSED, reopening the SR does not reopen the CR and the CR remains as CLSOED.


    2. To reopen a CLOSED CR, I tried using the CHG:ChangeInterface form and it works as below:

    - Open CHG:ChangeInterface form in search mode

    - serach for the CR using "Infrastructure Change ID" field value and open the CR is search list

    - Set the field Change request status = Draft and save the CR

    - reopen the CR in CR form and see that it is moved to Draft status.

    - I tried with Draft and it works. Try with other statuses and see how it behaves.