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    Problems provisioning Windows 2008 Std x64

      Good Afternoon,


      I'm hoping that someone can help with an issue I'm having provisioning Windows 2008 Std x64 via BladeLogic 7.6.



      A few weeks back I created a new Provisioning Job for Windows 2008 Std x64 and provisioned it to 2 x HP DL 385 G7 servers using our standard build process. Since then I've been on holiday for 2 weeks and either something has been changed or my brain has not come back from my holiday, as I'm now trying to build the remaining 2 physical servers and the builds are failing.


      I've imported the servers into BL Provisioning, attached the build image to the device and booted off of the WinPE CD Image (via the ILO interface, which is our standard processs)



      On booting into WinPE I've configured the IP Address and confirmed I can ping the BladeLogic App Server
      Run BMI.EXE


      HOST:192.168.XXX.YYY PORT:9831
      Platform: x86



      BMI : Get next state
      BMI : Next state is 'switchboot'
      BMI : Get next state details

      The server then promptly reboots. Diskpart isn't carried out, the image isn't copied onto the server, so no actual install proceeeds. I've tried fiddling with the architecture property of the Provision Device. Somehow this managed to get one of the servers to build, but I'm still left with a server that's going nowhere.


      If anyone has any suggestions they'd be greatly appreciated. Are there any log files generated, or is there a way of stopping the server rebooting after the swtich boot phase?