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    Upgrade footprints from v9 to v11

      Hi Guys,


      Just would like to ask if there's anyone previously done an upgrade from footprints v9 to v11?


      Any steps/reference will be helpful thanks!




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          Hi Allan,


          I would advice against completing this upgrade.


          I performed the very same upgrade recently from v9.5.4 to v11.1, the list of bugs that have followed have decreased the quality of the service provided by the application.


          For example, dashboard charts do not render when you try to enable FastCGI.

          Customers (non agent users) can no longer add e-mail addresses to CC for new tickets.

          Database indexing does not fill in MrAllDescription field on the database for data before the upgrade, this took nearly 2 months to remedy with support,

          Workspace colour themes are lost and need to be re-enabled and more.


          If I were you I would upgrade to v10 first and wait for a few more updates to v11 so you don't have to deal with the same level of disruption we have (are).


          In short, since the upgrade 2 months ago, I have spent a significant amount of time diagnosing problems, checking multiple "potential fixes" with support staff and lost probably a full working day in terms of hours on the phone.

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            John, thanks John for your insight.

            Everything that you mentioned are the very reasons we have to be cautious and plan this upgrade activity carefully.


            By the way John, do you still have the steps in your upgrade? might useful reference.

            Thanks in advance.

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              I have attached the guide provided by support when I was performing the upgrade:

              Moving FP9.5 for Win-SQL.pdf

              My own notes are very specific to the company, the guide attached is generic.


              The link to the document is here


              Whenever you guys decide to do your upgrade, be sure to work with support because you will need test serial keys each time you do an install of any kind.

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                Randall King

                I can second John’s assessment.  We put FootPrints 11.1.0 on a test server around the first part of July, but we haven’t deployed it into production yet because of all the problems.  I’ve had 10-15 issues opened with BMC Support, most of which haven’t been resolved.   Many times the answer is “we can submit this as an enhancement request for a future version”.  But most of our enhancement requests from the past four years have yet to come to fruition.  They seem to go into a black hole.  It would be nice if customers could submit feedback directly to the developers or project managers.  I strongly feel that a lot is lost in translation when we have to submit feedback through support.  The support folks are nice, but nice doesn’t fix our problems.

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                  David Bunton

                  I also agree the support people are real nice and professional however their method of submitting enhancement requests lacks in a lot of areas.  They have no real good way to submit enhancement requests, or see what others have asked for(it would be real nice to see others ideas on enhancements )

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                    The good news is that we very recently launched a community built and fueled system for you to see and vote on enhancements and ideas you like!




                    The ideas tab of this community is where you can vote on ideas that make sense, and post new ideas for other people to vote one. As they are implemented or planned they will be marked accordingly.

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                      Kam Akrami

                      Hi David and Randall


                      We're sorry your enhancement requests haven't been addressed yet.  We have a vibrant and very active user community and that's a great thing, but we do get more enhancement requests than we can possibly ever fulfill.  Still we're aware of the frustration level involved. The feeling that your requests have fallen into a black hole is simply not the case.  Internally we track every request and track how many unique requests we get for each one,  but we know we can still make the process less frustrating for you, our customers.


                      So this is quite timely as we're actually piloting a new way to track enhancement requests and increase their visibility.  Scroll back up to the FootPrints Community and click on Idea tab.  There you can vote on and post your own ideas and other members of the community can do the same. This allows for more direct feedback and let's you see where your requests stands in terms of popularity.  We've already seeded the forum with some of the most popular enhancement requests but feel free to add your own.  Hopefully this process takes off and we can implement it permanently.



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                        Randall King

                        I wonder if this means that the fifty or so suggestions we’ve submitted over the past four years of using FootPrints will have to be manually posted to this location to get any attention from the developers and/or project managers.

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                          Kam Akrami

                          To Randall and everyone else who has chimed in on this thread, I just wanted to thank you for joining the conversation here and sharing your feedback with us over the years. We need you to keep providing that valuable feedback so that FootPrints continues to fit your business. I want to assure you that any feature requests you have logged over the years have not gone ignored or disappeared.  We simply want to pilot what we think might become a more effective avenue for your feedback to be heard. The new ideas tab Zane mentioned offers a way for your feedback to be more visible and for others to weigh in and "like" or "dislike" the ideas posted there.  I understand it can be frustrating having to repeat yourself if you have previously submitted a ticket regarding an enhancement request, but think of this as an additional avenue for you to market your idea so it can benefit from the momentum of other voices echoing the request.



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                            Randall King

                            I agree that the Ideas feature is a much more effective approach.  I appreciate you taking a moment to communicate with us, Kam.  It’s good to know someone who cares is listening.  Makes me feel better about the product.