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    Virtual Guest Package - Sysprep Server SID (vSphere)

    Benjamin Hawkins



      I'm trying to roll out an automated procedure for provisioning but am finding that if I deploy using the virtual guest package without sysprep that the server SID's are the same even if we choose to customise the os.


      I have tried sysprep, sysprep with generalize and no sysprep to get the desired results.


      no sysprep - SID is the same each server

      sysprep - sticks at the choose language screen (so not fully automated and the SID remains the same)

      sysprep + generalise (doesn't build, gets to around 40% on the isntalling windows files and then deletes the vm, i'm presuming this will ask you to choose your language settings as well.)


      I am using Windows server 2008 r2 on a vSphere infrastructure.

      We are running bladelogic 8.1.2.


      Can anyone advise if they have had the same probelms, or a work around for this or if there is a better way for us to do this automation?