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Webservice Set Action - for only some of the fields

Barry Lindstrom

We have a WSDL that allows 10 fields to be updated.

However, when a user consumes the Webservice and only wants to update 2 or 3 of the fields,

the other fields in the WSDL still update the target record with a NULL value.

We have tried various combinations of Nillable and Min Occurs on the Webservice Definition,
but despite the implication in Remedy's documentation, these settings seem to have no effect whatsoever.


We have been told by some of our users that they can use this WSDL IF they dynamically create the WSDL consumption transaction

with ONLY the fields they wish to update.  While this is certainly a workaround that puts the onus on the consumer of the WSDL,

it would be nice if they could pass all ten fields, but only provide values for the ones they truly wish to update.


Is there a way to tell Remedy to only update the fields with values and leave the rest alone?


See you at WWRUG!!