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    Need help with jython script to show AppServer Details

    Yanick Girouard

      I've written a simple script that dumps the results of the getAppServerDetails blcli command, but would like to refine it to return only a subset of the information (only specific lines). This script would be used to monitor the health of the app server (java memory, number of available worker threads, etc...). I could use grep to only include the lines I want but that implies I have to have another shell wrapper around it if I want to automate it.


      Here's what I have so far:


      import sys

      import os


      import bladelogic.cli.CLI as blcli

      retvalue = os.system('blcred cred -acquire -username Tivoli_Monitoring -password <password> -profile SRP &> /dev/null')

      jli = blcli.CLI()




      result = jli.run(['AppServerProfiler','getAppServerDetails'])

      print result.returnValue


      I'm a little new to Python and Jython in general, so any help would be appreciated.


      Note: On a side note, I had to add the sys.path.append line because no matter what, jython wouldn't read the registry file to locate the bladelogic module... I'm on Red Hat. Not sure what I did wrong...



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          Hi Yanick,


          This may get you going to little more.... it's not perfect but will get you on the path to what you are trying to achieve I believe.  This will only dump the lines that have a Name/Value pair to a log line which you can then evaluate for the keys you are looking to report on.


          import logging # Logging Functions in Python


          if LOGGING_LEVEL_FLAG == "DEBUG":
          logging.basicConfig(level=logging.DEBUG, stream=sys.stdout, format='%(levelname)-8s %(message)s')
          elif LOGGING_LEVEL_FLAG == "INFO":
          logging.basicConfig(level=logging.INFO, stream=sys.stdout, format='%(levelname)-8s %(message)s')
          logging.basicConfig(level=logging.WARNING, stream=sys.stdout, format='%(levelname)-8s %(message)s')


          def runBlcliCmd(NameSpace,blcliCmd,args):

          logging.debug("Enter runBlcliCmd Function")

          cmd = []



          dataType = str(type(args))

          if dataType.find('list') >= 0:

            for arg in args:





            logging.debug(('BLCLI ARGS - ' + str(cmd)))

            blcliResult = jli.run(cmd)

            assert blcliResult, "ERROR: Failed executing " + blcliCmd

          except AssertionError,e:




          logging.debug("Leave runBlcliCmd Function")

          return blcliResult


          strServerDetails = runBlcliCmd('AppServerProfiler','getAppServerDetails',[]).returnValue
          logging.info("BladeLogic Application Server Details:\n" + str(strServerDetails))
          for sLine in str(strServerDetails).split('\n'):
          if (sLine != "" and str(sLine.startswith("====")) != "True"):
            sLineDetail = str(sLine).split('=')
            if(len(sLineDetail) > 1):
             logging.debug("--> " + str(sLineDetail[0]) + " ===> " + str(sLineDetail[1]))


          Hope this helps


          Mike E.