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    CUJ failing with "Error executing BLPatchCheck2 (Exit code: -1): "



      We are getting following error while running any patch catalogue update

      Error    6.8.2012 9:18:55    Error occur: Level: F


      Message: Error executing BLPatchCheck2 (Exit code: -1):


      I have already referred to KB documents (KA324245) and registering DLLs are not working for me. We are using .XML hyperlink instead of .CAB in shavlik URL.


      Does anyone has any idea about this?

      Please let me know if you need anything else from my side.  Below is my environment description.



      BBSA- 8.1 SP4, windows 2008 x64

      RSCD -8.1 SP4 windows 2008 x64

      stpatchassesment.dll version

      Console version 8.1 SP4