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    Incident WorkInfo repeating the Customer Communication records

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      We are using Incident management 7.6.00 Patch 001 and SRM 7.6.00 on ARS 7.5.00 Patch 004


      Customer raise request using SRM (Request Entry) and for that REQ, Incident (INC) ticket is created.


      If customer updates the Activity log of his request, its captured in incident's work info, which is absolutely correct behaviour.

      However, we observed that, when an incident ticket is reassigned to other support person or support group, all the Activity log of REQ is copied again in incident's work info with Work Info Type as Customer Communication.


      e.g. Steps to reproduce the above scenario is -


      1. Raise ticket using SRM for example REQ000000000100, its associated incident generated INC000000000100.

      2. INC000000000100 is assigned to support group A and assignee x.

      3. Assignee updated incident work info and requests to user to send more details.  (1st entry in workinfo in INC and activity log of REQ)

      4. Requester updates the Activity log from REQ000000000100, which inturn captured in incident workinfo. (Activity log of REQ now contains total 2 entries).

      5. Support engineer x read details in INC000000000100 workinfo, and finds that this is not related to him, and reassigns the ticket to another group B and another engineer y.

      6. At the same moment, Activity log of REQ000000000100 is copied in WorkInfo of the incident again with the Work Info Type 'Customer Communication'. (So here Incident work info will be having old 2 entries and after reassignment duplicate 2 entries from Activity log =  total 4 entries).

      7. This causes repeated entries with the same communication multiple times.

      8. This happens after every reassignment. 


      Please let me know, whether this is an issue or its normal behaviour?


      Thanks & regards,