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    Adding Extended Property and Reporting.

      Hello everyone,


      First question is:


      How can I add custom extended property to the all relevant computer objects based on a value on the servers?


      For example when i view the extended property of a computer object (Windows) I see ANTIVIRUS = "McAfee VirusScan Enterprise"  is auto populated.

      What i would like to do is; Add another extended property for example: McAfee Version: xxxx based on a registry value on the servers. I have couple of standard software that i would like to add as an extended property:such as Monitoring agent and version or hardware serial number.


      Second question: How can I run a report to show me all extended properties for the each computer? What report would that be?


      Thank you.

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          Bill Robinson

          you need to find out how that property (ANTIVIRUS ) is being popuplated.  it's likely that a script is running to populate that.  so you would need to create a new property and write another script to set the value you want, based on some evaluation in your script of the registry key.


          to get this into reports, check the 'used in reports' option in the property and run the etl.


          you can then create a new ad-hoc report and choose all the server properties you want to show in the report.