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    Number of servers patched in last month: NSH script


      I am looking out for blcli command (set of commands) that can give me number of servers patched on perticular date.

      May be in last month/ last week or yesterday.


      How can we achieve it? We could take out some reports for this via BDSSA, I have tried that, but looking out for NSH script that can achieve relevent results.

      Any help would be welcome





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          Bill Robinson

          i think this is gong to be pretty difficult w/ nsh, and even w/ reports.  by 'patched' i assume you mean that patches were deployed to it via bsa.  so you would need to track down any deploy jobs that might deploy patches.  typically those would be related to a patch remediation job, but it's possible to deploy patches outside of the paj/prj.  so you are really looking for any deploy job run against a server on a particular date.  but then you want to filter out deploy jobs that aren't deploying patches.  i think this is going to be more difficult that you realize.


          what is the purpose of getting this information ?  would it be easier to show a trend of the patching job results over the past X days/weeks/months (in reports) ?