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    Footprints 11 Performance Very Slow

      I am experiencing the following page load times in Footprints 11.1.0. Can you please share your experiences so I know how we compare?. These times seem too high. The Footprints server is running 64 bit Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard. It is a virtual server with 2 Intel Xeon 3.04GHz processors and 8GB of RAM. The database is on a MS SQL 2005 server. We have 7 heavy users of Footprints and over 80 casual users logging in once in a while



      Click Home and wait for the Homepage to load including the dashboard component

      9 seconds to load Homepage WITHOUT dashboard components

      28 seconds to load Homepage with 4 dashboard component

      Click New Issue and wait for the new issue page to open (I expect this should be about 5 seconds)

      13 seconds to open a new issue page

      Save a new issue

      15 seconds to save a new issue

      Click Edit for an existing issue on the homepage and wait for the edit window to load

      13 seconds between clicking Edit and the edit window to load

      Make changes and save the changes

      24 seconds


      Thank you.

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          Jean AD

          Hi Mike,


          If you switch the issue view from tab to expand collapse you will gain about five seconds...

          FYI, their is a cumulative patch for performance (Cumulative patch for FootPrints Service Core 11.1 - http://tinyurl.com/cvutpe4)




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            Kam Akrami



            We are sorry to hear about your performance issues after upgrading.  Performance is often a consequence of many factors depending on how you are using FootPrints, and the way those features and functions work may have changed.  We recommend customers experiencing these types of issues to review and apply the patch available in this Knowledge Base article.


            If you continue to experience performance issues our technical support staff would be happy to address them further with you by calling us at 800-836-2326



            Kam Akrami

            FootPrints Product Manager

            BMC Software 

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              Thank you Kam and Jean for your replies. I am going to apply the Cumulative patch but I have a question. The instructions say to "Save the patch file to the footprints "base" install folder on the server (i.e. C:\Footprints)" However the download is one zip file with 3 folders inside. I placed patch_Cumulative_patch_for_11_1_R9.pm.zip on C:\Footprints and launched MRPatch.bat but received an error.


              How do I run this patch?


              Mike M

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                Kam Akrami



                One thing to make sure when installing the patch is whether you're a local administrator of the FootPrints Application server.  You may be running into a permission issue.  Ideally it would be great if you logged the error with Support to be reviewed further.



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                  I installed the Cumulative patch for FP Service Core 11.1 last night. My intitial tests show minor improvements from 13 to 8-10 seconds but we need to do better than 10 seconds to open a webpage. (Moving from Tabbed to Expand/Collapse did gain seconds. Great tip Jean!) Also when I run Footprints Server Benchmark test, the results still average 31 seconds to execute which is defined as slow.


                  I would love to hear the infrastructure set up of someone acheiving page load times around 5 seconds. We are a small shop with 7 heavy FP users so we are not going to be able to set up massive servers. We using Citrix XEN servers. Does anyone else use VM successfully?


                  Thank you in advance for your help with this frustating problem.

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                    Where does your SQL Server reside for FootPrints Service Core?  Is it on the same VM instance?




                    Michael Santos
                    Software Consultant
                    BMC Software

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                      Hi Michael,

                      Footprints SQL database resides on a physical MS SQL 2005 box. It does not sit on the same VM instance.



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                        We enabled FastCGI and went to the latest cumulative patch with only minor improvements...in IE.


                        Using Chrome, FireFox, or even Safari was much faster for us.

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                          Abraham Gillinta

                          I have seen the same problem as well. We have been with FootPrints for a good bit (6 years+) when they were with Unipress, Numara and now BMC.  We are a nationwide organization with the FP server in our corporate location (PA). We have various users/workspaces in FootPrints (100+ agents). Our performance issues only occur when the users are NOT in the same building where the server is located. So our centers 10-15 miles away have significant issues with open/editing tickets. We have opened up tickets with the Numara and they are convinced it is a network issue on our end. It could very well be that problem but I also wonder how many organizations out there use FootPrints spread across various states like we do.

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                            David Pinkowitz

                            Based on your description of your performance issues occurring primarily for those not in the building with the server, there could be some network issues. Over time, we have attempted to improve the caching (storing some information on the client/web browser side) and compression (reducing the size of the information passed over the network) of the FootPrints files to reduce what is passed over the network. Depending on when your web server was last configured, you may not be taking full advantage of caching and compression.


                            You don't say whether you are using a Windows server or a Linux server. In either case, we might be able to help you use MRConfigIIS.pl to reconfigure your web server for IIS on Windows or help you edit your Apache configuration file for Linux (instructions for this are in README.webserver).


                            You should contact FootPrints Technical Support if you need help.

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                              Linda Kirkpatrick

                              Like mentioned above, try a different browser. I notice a great peformance increase with Firefox and Chrome.

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                                Ken Sng

                                not sure if this performance problem was eventually solved.


                                We noticed recently that our CPU on a test FP v11 system was spiking at above 90% throughout mainly by sqlserver . We ran some acitivty monitoring on sql server and realised a lot expensive queries related to exec dashboard stuff . We then stopped the tomcat service (used for exec dashboard) and restarted sqlserver. CPU came down to 5%.


                                could be worth checking if anyone is encountering this.


                                Ken Sn


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                                  We are running a virtualized server for our FootPrints 11.1 installation.  It's a quad core XEON with 8GB of RAM.  Our SQL server is a physical box which is a shared resource with data stored on a SAN.  All machines are running 2008R2 64 bit datacenter.  All virtual hosts are running on VMWare.


                                  We have 79 fixed agent licenses and over 30 shared license users, with an internal customr base of over 2000.


                                  Personally, I see better performance which I use Chrome.  Form design, for me, is horribly broken in IE9.  But, Chrome does eventually slow down during heavy edit sessions as I suspect there is a memory leak... somewhere.


                                  My only slow page load time is on when I open one particular workspace view with 9 widgets.

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                                    Thank you to everyone who posted tips. Although the Expand vs Tabbed tip and the Chrome tip has helped, we are still seeing the same performance numbers on average. One hope I do have is that my infrastructure manger has admitted that the virtual hardware that Footprints sits on (Citrix Xen) is extremely slow. He will soon be moving it over to a new VMWare environment. I will let you know what happens.


                                    Mike M

                                    Boston Ad Agency

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