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    Emails of milestone fire even after deleting

      Hi All


      I have deleted some milestone>Actions emails and rebuilt SLT but users still keep getting notifications.

      Is there something else I need to do to stop it?


      Appreciate and thanks for your response.


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          Michael Conway

          HI Ashish,


          The actions you already performed should be enough to stop milestone actions for this Service Target. However, it may be that the zSLMGen:SLM<ID>_<ServiceTargetName>_Milestone_BR`! filters were not deleted when the actions were removed.



          Using Dev Studio, you could search for filters that begin zSLMGen. If you find some with the same SLMID as the Service Target involved .... and where the filter name ends with BR`!... those will be the filters that fire to perform the milestone actions for this SVT.  If you do find some that were not removed for the relevant Service Target, as a temporary workaround, you could manually disable these using Dev Studio.



          The Milestone filters should be deleted when you remove the related action from the Service Target and rebuild it. If that is not happening, it suggests some problem with the slmbrsvc process/activity.


          Anyway, I hope some of the above helps!



          Cheers... Michael.

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            Raju Mangali



            Please make sure that if the other SLA's are having same Milestones and Actions with the Same terms and conditions if yes please make sure to update them according to your requirements.



            Raju M.