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    The BSA Community Provided Content space is live!

      Hi all!


      According to the hits on the documents some of you have already found it, but just a quick mail to announce the BSA Community Contributed Content space. This space is meant to exchange valuable content that would most benefit you, our customers and partners.


      How many times have you been asked to implement a specific software or OS deployment use case?  For example - deploying SQL Server, Oracle 11g, WebSphere 7, or a particular OS version, like Solaris 10?  And how many times have you been thinking: "Someone must have done this before. Why am i repeating the same process of reading documentation, trying things out and finally building it in our BMC applications?".


      That's why we created the Community Provided Content space.

      So what can you do on this space?

      Ideas lets you request content you are looking for. Post an idea ("I would like to get a Compliance policy for industry XYZ") and let people vote this idea up or down. Like this the community (that's you) can see what content is important and what is not. Most probably someone will jump on the band wagon, create this content and share it.


      Discussions lets you chat about content issues. "I have this weird XLM file. Anybody knows how to create a grammar for it?" Probably somebody already has done this and you will get an answer soon.


      Documents is the actual content. This is where you post your instructions how you built something. You can attach any exported content and share this with the world.


      So if you recently have built a software or system package that might be useful for others, we invite you to post this content here on the Community Provided Content space. Post whatever you feel is worth posting. Remember that there is no Package , Template or Script too simple or too complex. You are among users of all knowledge levels. We, automation enthousiasts in BMC, will be regularly posting content as well.


      Some contributions may even end up being packaged for release with the product.  Either way, they'll be here the next time you or your colleagues using BMC products need one.


      Have fun and let me know how we can improve this space!!