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    enable tu use "mail" command on RHEL 6.2 via NSH



      i encountered an a very strange error on our new RHEL 6.2.First of all, the command "mail" and "sendmail" works on ssh with user root. Secondly, when i try to use the same syntax on a nsh window or in a script with nexec -e, it doesn't works:


      - (ssh) echo foo | sendmail foo@bar.com -->OK

      - (ssh) echo foo | mail foo@bar.com --> OK

      - (nsh) nexec -e "echo foo | sendmail foo@bar.com" --> OK




      - (nsh) nexec -e "echo foo | mail foo@bar.com" --> KO


      When i try with an other user:


      - (nsh) nexec -e su - osadmin "echo foo | mail foo@bar.com" --> OK




      - (nsh) nexec -e su - root "echo foo | mail foo@bar.com" --> OK


      Finally, we've got an other RHEL 6.2 where everything works.


      So can i conclude that there's a mistake with BL configuration ? Or with our server ?