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    Extended Objects in Component Templates

    Rob Slattery

      Where can I find information on how to create extended objects?  The BladeLogic Users Guide does not have any information I can use.  I just found out from our BladeLogic developer extended objects must be created and they're not something generated out of the box.  I think BMC professional services created the ones we do have and now, for some reason, they don't work.  I think, from the errors I'm getting, it's a file named os_config.nsh.

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          Bill Robinson

          EOs are scripts or single line commands that run something, and display it in a format that can be parsed by one of the bsa grammars.  typically you create them to get some information that is not natively available in bsa.  is there some specific info you are trying to get ?


          os_config is an out-of-box EO provided by BMC.  it's used in the BDSSA inventory reporting.  there were some fixes to it in bdssa 8.1 sp4 and it's not needed if you are running bdssa 8.2. 


          what version of bsa and bdssa are you running ?

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            Rob Slattery

            Well, for the past couple of years, we've been having issues with BDSSA and ETL's.  We finally were able to get a good reporting server up and running but when I tried to run a software inventory job (it's what I named one of my component templates and job), I was provided with a bunch of SSO errors.  I created the same template/job in development and when you try to add a part (global extended object) the Windows Configuration piece does not even expand when you click on the +.


            I'm trying to look at shares, I'm trying to look at drive information.  My ultimate goal would be to use BDSSA to show me share permissions on specific directories.


            We have BladeLogic and I forget what SP we're currently have.  I don't even know about the version of BDSSA but I think 8.4 rings a bell.  That may just be the Cognos version.

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              Bill Robinson

              there's a fixed version of the os_config in bdssa 8.1 SP4.  that should be on the EPD or you can get support to provide it if you open a ticket.  that may address your issues.


              i'm not sure what you mean by adding an EO to the windows configuration piece - do you have a screenshot of that?


              in your prod env, what is the in 'secure' file on the appserver ?

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