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    "Disable" Managed Server

      Hi all


      I have a quick question and hope you can help.


      Is there a functionality within BSA which allows me to "disable" a server which is managed with BSA.

      So, as long this server is disabled, no related job (compliance, patching, ...) should be executed. After enabling the server again, those jobs should be executed again.


      Is there such a functionality ootb available?


      Many thanks


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          You could use server property and Smart Grouping to achieve the same. By setting a particular value the server would be selected/ de-selected into/from a Smart Group and thus operations could be done/ avoided on the servers.




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            No specific function that I am aware of.  If your Role user /mapping/impersonation is set to a property such as _ADMIN_ACCOUNT you could set that to nouser so all jobs would fail for that target, or simply have an ACL template that would add bogus permissions to a target and just push ACL's for the same effect.

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              Bill Robinson

              the ACL Policy object has the concept of a maintenance window, during which you can modify acls so users are unable to run jobs or even see the object.  so you create an acl policy w/ the time window you want to allow access and then apply that to the server.

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