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    BBSA patch management and Windows Server 2008

      Can anyone tell me if BBSA 8.1 SP4 supports patch management for Windows Server 2008 R2? I have patch management mostly working for Windows Server 2003 but it fails miserably for 2008 R2.


      Patch Catalog -> check

      Patch Analysis Job -> check

      Patch Remediation Job -> check

      Deploy Job that installs patches on server -> not check


      I found these lines in the commit phase logs of the deploy job.


      BlPatchCheck2.exe failed. Return Code: 1

      Unable to run the Shavlik packager for generating deployment batch files


      IF BBSA 8.1 SP4 doesn't support 2008 RS, that would explain things. If it does, has anyone else run into these error messages?