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    How to extended sa SNMP Trap

      Hi all,

              we need sent a SMNP Trap from sa to BPPM,we're configuration to complete the job in the sa,and bppm can received the trap,but Customer need more information,so we try to modify this file,which named Bladelogic.mib and it's located at installDirectory/NSH/Share/.Whether we increase or decrease the fields in the file ,the trap message has not changed ,


              we decrease the fields in Bladelogic.mib



              trapJobCompletion TRAP-TYPE

                 ENTERPRISE bladelogic

                 VARIABLES { jcJobName }





              who  kowns how to use this MIB to create scripts and integrate traps into our trap collection system.


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          Bill Robinson

          i think this is a question more for bppm than bsa - typically you just import the mib or include it in the path w/ your other mibs and the receiving side will read it and match up the incoming traps w/ the information in the mib.


          can you explain how you have imported the mib into bppm ?

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            Thank you very much,bill

            Maybe we can do it like this,when BPPM received the trap,it can be based on the JobID or JobNames to sa database to query the information we want.

            PS: we don't use the MIB,when BPPM received the trap,it can use built-in rules resolve trap content.

            • 3. How to extended sa SNMP Trap
              Bill Robinson

              why don't you import the mib so you can atleast have bppm resolve the oids from the trap?


              you cannot alter the snmp traps bsa sends out, so if you want additional information you will need to write a blcli script to take the info you get from the trap and use it to get the info you want from bsa.  what information do you want about the job ?