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Alert test parameter

Krishna NameToUpdate

I triggered a test warn alert on an agent.But the alert didnt get auto-closed.


Rather,I can see a warning on the alert test parameter in event management KM (gauge value shows 40)


What is this mean..?


Thanks in advance.

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    Mohit Pandit

    Hi Krishna,


    First try doing a refresh parameter.

    If that does't help, Can you try to first unload Event Management KM; restart PatrolAgent and then try realoading EMKM list(EVENT_MANAGEMENT.kml)?


    Also, do you see that WARN event/alert under 'Notified Events' parameter?


    Thank you,


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    Krishna NameToUpdate

    Thanks Mohit, "Notified events" parm. was in offline state..But what would be the reason for this issue (alert test-warning state)

  • 3. Alert test parameter
    Mohit Pandit

    Try generating a test WARN and ALERT and then see, if “Notifiedevents” comes online.

    Did you get a chance to try unloading and re-loading EM KM ?




  • 4. Alert test parameter
    Krishna NameToUpdate

    Mohit,I generated a test warn alert...suddenly the alert test parm came back to OK state.(which was in warning before).But the notifiedevents dint come online...I did not try unloading the Event KMs..Two things i dint understand here..


    1.Why(normally) alert test parm. went ot warning state...?


    2.Why it came back to ok when i generated a test alert ?


    Thanks in advance

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    Mohit Pandit

    Generally when you generate a test Warn or Alarm, it changes the parameter value and bring it back to 0.

    Ideally it should have value 0 all the time, but in your case somehow it got stuck as value 40.

    After regenerating the event/Warn, it started working normal.