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Patrol SNMP Trap question

Rahul NameToUpdate

I have configured piV1mlist conf variable to send Patrol evetns in the form of SNMP traps. In this variable, I have used 'public' community.


Under Windows Services -> SNMP Service -> Properties -> Traps. Do I need to add commnity (public in our case) and trap destination as the IP/host of the server which I defined in piV1mlist variable? In other words, is it mandatory to enter these values for Patrol to send snmp traps?


Thanks in advance.



  • 1. Patrol SNMP Trap question
    Niranjan Panigrahi

    Hello Rahul,



    The Community string comes to picture in case of SNMP Polling. i.e. a Software (SNMP polling device) connect to the target host SNMP Agent, authenticate using the community string provided, and collect the required information from the device.

    But in case of SNMP traps, they are generate when a abnormal behavior is detected and send to the configured destination. Authentication does not comes to picture in this case.




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    Rahul NameToUpdate

    Hi Niranjan,

    If that is the case, then SNMP service itself should not required to be running in order for Patrol SNMP to work. Or is it essential?