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    Optimise  OS-Deploy process

      Hi all


      I would like to optimise ouer OS-Deploy process.


      1. Deploy Server pxe/DHCP not with BL (Linux,Windows,Solaris)
      2. At the end of the OS Deploy -> Script register BL Client
      3. BL SW Deploy starts after automatic register of the Server Client


      Is there  a way to realize this ?


      Thank you very much for your help,

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          In step 1, do you mean provision the server not via BL or provision the server without a BL agent?


          In step 2, The script could be run from any machine that has NSH installed. The best place would be whatever is provisioning the server in step 1.


          In step 3, The script from step 2 could also kick off the job against the target once it is BSA.


          Let me know your answer to my question about step 1. That will determine the rest of the process.


          Also, I would like to know how Step 1 is going to optimize your OS-Deploy process?

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            Step1. Provision the Server without a BL agent.

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              Bill Robinson

              somewhere between step 2 and 3 you are going to need to run a job to install the agent.  you must install an agent on the target if you want to manage it w/ bsa.  you can create a agent installer job (in 8.2) to do this and run against your target system.  you could have a nsh/blcli script that kicks this off against the server once it's done building.


              also - why don't you want to use bsa to do the provisioning ?

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                We did try the bsa Server Deploy integration with a bmc engineer. After weeks, we are at the same place as we are with our PXE/DHCP Solultion after two days of work.

                This, the instability of our bsa, bugs and the non-maintainability without BMC Consulting has led us to decide to use our Solution. With ouer solution, we found a good balance.

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                  Bill Robinson

                  what specifically is the problem w/ the bsa pxe solution in your environment?  i believe i was on a webex w/ the proserv guy when he was on site and got provisioning working properly there.


                  what specific concerns do you have about instability and maintainablity ?