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    snmp traps notifications from bbsa

    Roy Ong

      Hi all,


      Is there a way to find out if the snmp traps are being sent out from bbsa to the snmp manager (eg: BEM) ?  Somehow BEM is not recieving the snmp traps, so not sure if the snmp traps are being sent or its a BEM issue. Any logs or anything for this? Im actually asking for bladelogic 7.6, but im sure it works the same for bbsa 8.0 and above.


      Thanks all!

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          Gaurav Sharma

          Hi Roy,


          I hope you have done the required changes in mcxa.conf file. If Yes then just to start with please download two utilities....


          SNMP Trap Watcher & SNMP Trap Gen


          Step 1: Now place the Trap watcher at BEM server and run the exe.


          The Trap watcher will start listening the SNMP traps. If you see some traps coming from source as your BBSA then your BBSA is fine, you need to check your BEM server only. Please dont worry if you dont understand what is coming in traps


          (If there comes any error like "Error to bind the port 162"  then please stop SNMP Trap service of windows & the BEM Event Adapter Service(if running) because all there of them Listen the traps on same port 162, So only one can be working at single point of time.)



          If you dont see any trap then you need to perform the below step to check if you BEM is working fine or not...


          Step 2: Place the SNMP Trap Gen at your BBSA server and try to send some traps to BEM. The SNMP Trap watcher should listen thoes traps, if not then check if ports are open at firewall. If yes then please close the SNMP Trap watcher and start the BEM Event Adapter Service and again send the trap from BBSA using SNMP Trap Gen.


          Hope this will help you in fnding where is the problem.....




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            Bill Robinson

            Setup wireshark on the network between the two…

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              Roy Ong

              Thanks all, will try out the tools Gaurav suggested.