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    Solaris LiveUpgrade Documentation?

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      Does anyone have or know where I can get some documentation around using LiveUpgrade with Solaris patching?


      I can't seem to find anything beyond set the "IS_SOLARIS_LIVE_UPGRADE" and "SOLARIS_ALTERNATIVE_BOOT_ENV" properties.


      Is there anything else we need to know here?

        • 1. Solaris LiveUpgrade Documentation?

          There isn't much more to it from the perspective of what we ship as a core component.


          Basically you need to have LU installed on your targets, you need to know the alternate boot environment tag name (that you paste into SOLARIS_ALTERNATIVE_BOOT_ENV), and you set the IS_SOLARIS_LIVE_UPGRADE to true, if you wish to deploy patches to ABE on that server. Then it would be up to you to reboot into the correct environment.


          To help with automation of the entire process, review the following KB:

          KA365892 - BBSA: How to automate Alternate Boot Environment patching for Solaris (Solaris Live Upgrade)