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    AppServer Install on PXE Server

    russ mcdowell

      I have a 2k8 64 bit server with appserver, pxe server and rscd, all ver8.2.01.273 installed.


      However, the appserver does not appear to be truly installed as there is no service for it and nothing in the file structure.  I need to install the full blown appserver now to test some things but I am concerned what the impact might be.  So my question(s) are:

      1) Is it advisable to install appserver to a pxe server

      2) If done will maintenance be needed on the pxe server after the appserver install

      3) Anything I'm missing?


      Thank you,


        • 1. AppServer Install on PXE Server


          See answers here

          1) Yes

          2) not really

          3) Make sure you follow the install documentation. also verify the installer md5sum with the one mentioned on EPD.


          Its strange that even after installing, you cant see the directory structure or the service installed. Check the md5sum of th einstaller you have with the details mentioned on the EPD site. Maybe the installer was corrupted or something. download the istallers again and reinstall. Hope it goes well.    

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