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    How to hide contact fields (duplicates)

      I am attempting to find the setting where I can hide the "First Name" "Last name" and "Email Address" fields from the first section of the "New incident" screen.  The above mentioned fields are located in the "Contact Information" section and there is no need to display it two times.


      Is there a way to hide these values from the top of the form (see red highlight in the screenshot)?


      FootPrints 10.0.2


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          When you upgrade to version 11.x, you will be able to use the new Form Designer to remove those fields from the top section, as well as add any other fields you want up there.


          In version 10.x and prior, you can use field headers found under Admin|Workspace|Field Maintenance to accomplish the same.  Add this field header on the first field you have:



          <script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">

          document.regform.First__bNameQQQQQQ2nd.style.display = "none";

          document.regform.Last__bNameQQQQQQ2nd.style.display = "none";

          document.regform.Email__bAddressQQQQQQ2nd.style.display = "none";

          document.getElementById("userfield1_label").style.display = "none";

          document.getElementById("userfield2_label").style.display = "none";

          document.getElementById("userfield3_label").style.display = "none";



          Make it so the options are like the following:



          This will hide the fields as well as their labels.




          Let me know if that helps.





          Michael Santos

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            You're a magician

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              There is a mrlocaldef that does this.  You’ll have to contact support as I don’t have my list at the moment.



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                Well I'll be.... Evans is right.  There is an MRlocalDefs variable that can be added to the FootPrints\cgi\MRlocalDefs file to turn it off per workspace.  Add the following line above the last line of the file (1;):


                $NO_CONTACT_IN_GENERAL_INFO{workspace#} = 1;


                If you want to remove them from workspace 1, the line would look like:


                $NO_CONTACT_IN_GENERAL_INFO{1} = 1;


                For multiple workspaces, add a new line and just change the number.


                You can choose to use the field headers or this variable.  Whichever is easier.




                Michael Santos

                Software Consultant
                BMC Software