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    Content available in the field?

      Hi all!


      There is a lot of content available on Docs.bmc.com at the moment. Unfortunately this content us currently only available to BMC, we are working on opening this site up to the rest of the world as well, but we are not there yet.


      But there must be more. There must ba a lot of content out there, built by real users of BMC Server Automation (BSA). This content can be posted here for everyone to share and consume. On this space you can find many examples of what content is and how you can publish content. Also you can request content you want to be built and if this is important to a lot of BSA users someone inside or outside BMC could jump in and build that content.


      So here is my proposal: Let's start uploading and sharing content and build a BSA Content Community where everyone, every user of BMC Server Automation benefits.

      I'm definitely going to do my part of the deal!!


      Let's do it!!