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    Make the HOME button always link to one workspace - Customers

      Quesiton for anyone out there.


      Does anyone know of a way to make the HOME button on the NAV/TOOLBAR always link to a particular workspace for CUSTOMERS?


      We have multiple workspaces and it would be nice if after a customer submits a ticket in a particular workspace that by clicking HOME they would be taken back to their default workspace. All of our customers have the same default/entry point workspace.





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          Hi Patrick,


          There is no configuration option to change what actions the "Home" button does on the toolbar for customers.  You could potentially change the underlying Perl code that generates the toolbar but I do not know how to make the button always go back to the customers default workspace.  In addition, any code changes are not supported by Tech Support and will get overwritten upon upgrading.


          With that said, if you'd like to poke around on your test server, you can edit the GetToolbarRegular.pl file in FootPrints\cgi\SUBS.  Find the following line:


          sub ToolbarHome


          You can read through the block of code, making note of:


          # for customers already logged in, home will most likely default to "my requests", unless not allowed to submit

                      $url .= "&CUSTOMER_WELCOME_PAGE=1";


          Let me know if that gets you started in the right direction.




          Michael Santos

          Software Consultant
          BMC Software