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    BladeLogic Provision x64 Image

      Evening All,


      I'm sure I'm missing something ridiculously simple, but I've been going round in circles for 2 days now without any joy, so hopefully someone can help!


      We're using BladeLogic Server Automation 7.6 and I'm trying to baremetal provision Windows 2008 R1 x64 Standard to a HP DL 385 G7 server.


      I've configured the System Package Type for Windows 2008 Standard x64 and created a new System Package, based on that.


      My problem comes when I try and provision an imported device with the System Package, it doesn't list the x64 System Packages in the GUI.


      I've created x86 packages and they show up, and I've tried a Windows 2003 x64 packages and they don't show.


      Do I need to set the imported device differently in some way, to get it to detect x64 System Packages? Am I missing something stupidly obvious?


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!