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    Custom Properties missing in BDSSA

    Andrew Barlow

      Hello, we are currently developing custom reports in BDSSA/Cognos Report Studio (v8.2.1) and have noticed that only about 25% of our custom server properties are being transferred to the BSARA_DW Database (v Oracle - Table 'SERVER_PROPERTY' when running an ETL from BladeLogic (v8.2.01.290).


      Also when viewing some of the custom propeties that do make it across when using them in Report Studio in the Insertable Objects frame we only see half of the custom property name for instance 'Property_Name' shows as 'Property_Na' - this has not had an impact on our report development so far but we are curious as to why this is?


      I have checked the Meta Navigator as i known in previous versions of BDSSA that update_cognos would often fail but in our case this is all running successfully.


      I have raised a ticket with support but was hoping the community could shine some light on this.