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    Creating a direct URL to launch the Navigation category 2 in SRM



      SRM 7.6.03 is running in production for our customers. We have several customers and serveral SRDs created for all of them. We now have a requirement to create a URL so that when the user launches it from his browser he see the Nav Cat2 which has a specific key word like 'Laptop'. I have tried to capture the URL for such Nav cat but need to know what all I should change in it so that I can directly launch it. The URL is

      http://<midtier>/arsys/plugins/SRMSServiceRequestBrowser/params?server=<AR server>&name=&height=756&width=819&rtl=ltr&fieldid=302899400&action=list-services&root-id=&show=&start-index=1&chunk-size=9&sort=Favorites&search=('302792000'%20%3D%201000)%20AND%20('303055600'%20LIKE%20%22%25laptop%25%22)%20AND%20(%20('160'%20%3D%20%22en_US%22%20)%20OR%20(%20'160'%20LIKE%20%22en%25%22%20)%20OR%20(%20'160'%20%3D%20%24%5CNULL%24%20)%20)&search-favorites=('302792000'%20%3D%201000)%20AND%20('2'%20%3D%20%22<loginID>%22)&e=On&u=<loginID>&user-mode=NORMAL&srdid=&srid=&from=&ct=No&lsr=No&cdb=List%20Related%20Services&scs=0&searchfor=laptop

      We are having SSO configured for web server and it users windows authentication.

      What minimum parameters I need to use in the above and for different users. I can hard code the keyword in the URL but not sure about the other parameters.


      I cannot use the entitlement feature of SRM.


      Please suggest if any one have done something like this or any ideas to do it.