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    How to handle 8.0 RSCD licensing

    Bruce Wauer

      We have a mixed environment, where we run primarily 8.2 (for our AppServer and most of our agents). But we still have some agents that run on Windows NT, so those are at 8.0. My current Win2k test server is showing up as "Not Licensed", and I can't find anything in the 8.2 documentation on agent licensing. What do I have to do to get my Win2k/8.0 agents licensed properly?

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          Bill Robinson

          Either install a 8.0 or 8.1 nsh client somewhere or copy the autolic or getlic and putlic binaries over from the 8.0/1 system to your 8.2 system to perform licensing.

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            Hi Bruce,


            you can try something like this


            To license the RSCD agent, performthe following steps:

            1. Launch the network shell software.

            On UNIX orLinux

            host #./bin/nsh

            On Windows

            <START>-> Programs -> BladeLogic -> Network Shell

            1. Create a license.raw file for your servers by executing     the getlic utility within Network Shell. Copy the license.raw file to an     environment with Internet access.

            host #getlic host1 host2
            host # ls license.raw
            host # pwd

            1. Upload the license.raw file and generate your license     keys. This will generate your license.dat license file.
            2. Download the license keys in the license.dat file     generated by the web-based license utility.
            3. Copy the license.dat file onto the management     workstation with the Configuration Manager or Network Shell installed.
            4. Execute the putlic utility within Network Shell to     license your servers. You may need to change directories to the location     where you copied the license.dat file.

            host # lslicense.dat
            host # putlic
            Host host1 successfully licensed
            Host host2 successfully licensed



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              Bill Robinson

              that's pretty useless because the license bits are not included w/ 8.2 NSH.  which is why you need to either copy the license binaries from a 8.1 install or install 8.1 nsh somewhere and use that for licensing.