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    BSA Console Menu Error : java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError / java.lang.ExceptionInIn

      Hi Guys,


      I newly setup BSA in a RHEL machine. I use a windows machine to access it through BSA console installed in my laptop. Now I am able to login using BLAdmin/password/SRP but after logging in I am facing issues while accessing any menu item or trying to do a right click in the console.


      It throws the following attached JAVA exception:




      I am not getting this exception while accessing an old BSA machine which was earlier setup by some other guys. In order to have a BSA in our own region I setup this new BSA.


      I setup BSA in the following way in RHEL:


      1. Installed the BBSA82-SP1-LIN64.sh

      2. Started the AppServer using /root/bmc/bbsa/BSA/NSH/br/blappserv

      3. Added the FileServer location as /tmp in the same RHEL machine as for any other location it throws the permission issue.

      4. Logged into it from the BSA console from my laptop using BLAdmin/password (As there are no other users created)

      5. I am also attaching the log file with this.


      Please suggest some solution.

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