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    RKM Questions

    Jason Harper

      I've been asked some questions regarding RKM's functionalties, and not sure of all the answers. Figured this would be a good forum to ask them...


      1. Is there a way to find out if Knowledge Articles are prioritized by usage to the top of the list for Search Results? I know that now results are displayed in order based on the relevance score and associated permissions.  Can the results be weighted where the most used articles were at the top of the list?
      2. Is there a way to make Knowledge Mgmt into an RSS feed.  Would the tool support that option?
      3. Does Remedy search tools allow for tagging? In this case author tagging. Can we search off of the article author/creator?  If not, is that something that could be made a search option?
      4. Can you can report off of the top search words in RKM?
      5. Does something currently exist (or can a report/tool be created) for Remedy that would allow us to get a count of the keyword search hits?
      6. Can KB/Remedy search for things outside of the tool? (like on Sharepoint sites on an intranet,  external sites like Google)
      7. Can you search from outside of the tool into the tool?  Like from a website or portal into the tool.


      Thanks All,