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    how to obtain deployment  details log?

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      Hi Everyone,


             Now we use bbca to deploy some softwares and scripts to a lot of tuners, and we also want some reports about the deployment details, for example, the scripts return information and reture codes,but I find out that there are just some simple information about the deployment result, like successful or failed,I want more details in the reports, how to realize that if I don't write a custom channel.

        • 1. how to obtain deployment  details log?

          You will want to start with utilizing the Logging Service channel. You can set it up to gather specific logging codes from the endpoints. The information will be sent to your database in a similar fashion as to the Inventory Service channel; with exception that the logging data from the endpoint can be  configured to be sent when the amount of data gathers reaches X size or when a specific event(s) have been detected.


          since this is logging data you will need to make sure you frequently run the log data clean up routine on your database.

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          • 2. how to obtain deployment  details log?

            I was also looking for the exit code info for BBCA packages. Got the answer now. Thanks Jake.