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    is cisco routers support in BPPM

      Hi All,



      IS BPPM supports Network Devices.


      I have uploaded Cisco UCS knowledge modules but in that i am not able to monitor cisco routers and switches.


      Is there any seperate module for Cisco routers that i need to import?


      My Usecase Details:



      If my router interface is down then immediatly it should capture the alert and send i to ITSM.


      From ITSM a incident ticket is created and goes for the approval.


      Once the Approval is done it should trigger the AO workflow on BBNA so that the interface should be up and close the ticket.


      Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.





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          Brian Morris

          Yes they can be monitored and as usual there are lots of ways to do it.  Have a look at the Nexus KM as well to see if that doesn't cover your needs.  The Sentry hardware KM can also meet this requirement.  Otherwise, they can be monitored via SNMP adapter (just compile the mibs into classes and reload your cell) or you can use entuity to monitor them and natively integrate those events to BPPM.


          hope this helps,


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            Razeem Mohamed

            The Hardware Sentry KM does not completely support the monitoring of network switches and routers. It is capable of monitoring the SAN switches. Though the network ports alone can be monitored through SNMP in some cases.


            But you can create custom monitoring using the Monitoring Studio KM to monitor the switches and routers by polling the SNMP OIDs or executing system commands on the interface of these network appliances.


            For your use case you can poll an OID to get the status and if it fails you can configure an alert action in the KM to trigger an event, This even shall then be acknowledged after fixing the issues.




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              Niranjan Panigrahi

              Hi Ashok,


              You can make use of the BMC SNMP Event adapter for achieve your requirement here.


              You can configure the cisco router to send a SNMP trap, when the interface goes down, to the SNMP Event adapter. The event adapter will receive this trap convert it into an Event and then send it to the destination cell.


              The Event management cell can then forward it to the ITSM (using the remedy integration a.k.a IBRSD) to the ITSM to generate an incident.