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    update BLCLI command is not working

      Hi All,


      I'm writing a script in Blade Logic


      When exporting a Depot file to Blade Logic, the file extension is lost (It's a bug, and I opened a ticket to the support)

      The script I'm writing changes the extension of a script file, and adds the .bat extension.


      I'm trying to correct it with a script, by changing the extension after I imported the object into Blade Logic.


      I got this script from the support:


          blcli_execute DepotObject getDBKeyByTypeStringGroupAndName NSHSCRIPT /scripts reboot
          blcli_storeenv sourceDBKey
          blcli_execute DepotObject getLocation
          blcli_storeenv sourceLocation
          mv "${sourceLocation}" "${sourceLocation}.bat"
          blcli_execute DepotObject findByDBKey ${sourceDBKey}
          blcli_execute Utility setTargetObject
          blcli_execute DepotObject setLocation "${sourceLocation}.bat"
          blcli_execute DepotObject findByDBKey ${sourceDBKey}
          blcli_execute Utility setTargetObject
          blcli_storeenv myObject
          blcli_execute DepotObject update $myObject


      Everything works fine, but when I open the script in the console I get the error:

      "Object is locked, How do you want to proceed?"


      The next screen shows the error:

      "No such file or directory"

      and the filename shown in the error is without the .bat extension


      I think the last command of the update is not working properly.


      any ideas?