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    AR Server Group with out Load Balancer



      Need your assitance to the below. We are on version 7.6.04 and Linux os, Oracle DB.


      - We are adding up one more  AR Server to the current production environment with single AR Server to form a server group.

      - We tested the load balancer before the mid tier servers and it is working fine

      - With load balancer before the two AR server, we are getting RPC Bind failed error. (We are on Port Mapper, is there a way to fix this)

      - Client is not ready to fix the load balancer before the AR Server and we are proceeding with only the load balancer in front of the two mid-tier servers.

      - Now if there is no load balancer infront of the AR Server, what should be the Server Group Alias Name ? Typically this will be load balancer host name.

      - How the mid-tier preference server should be configured so that there is an automatic fail over ?

      - I read the white papers on load balancer and server group. But information regarding server group without load balancer is missing.


      Kindly give me your inputs.




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