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    Can TM ART gather page load metrics from a java applet?

      I have the need to record a script that works with a web transaction which invovles a pop-up which has a java applet running in a web browser.  Everything up until that point is fine and even the pop-up itself is fine and it even closes properly in replay.  However, the applet is essentially a document viewer which has it's own tabs and clicking any number of these can fetch an document/image and load it in the applet.  Replay does not capture anything done on the applet, just opening and closing.  So is it even possible with TM ART, for example, to open an image in that applet and know how long it took for it to actually load?  I hope that's enough info, I have a feeling anything like this is not doable with TM ART but support keeps pointing me to AJAX which is different.  I've tried both recording the normal web transaction way and the new browser driven ajax.


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          I am not sure if it will be of any use as a long time has passed since u had posted the question.


          I am doing something similar, rather I am struggling with something similar. We are using Silk Test to perform the task, we were not successful using TM-ART.


          We have a applet based application to be monitored, but i do not need to open any image or document, i have to navigate through the application but selecting options from "Tree View", clicking "button" and entering text.


          I am able to do most of it, at the same time i do not find it very consistent. If details required do let me know




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