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    Unable to create Service Request using HPD:IncidentInterface_Create

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      I am able to create incident ticket using the form 'HPD:IncidentInterface_Create'.


      If the incident ticket is created using Incident form, it creates REQxxxxxxxxxxxx ticket for that incident. (we can see it from Left Pane of Incident form  - Advanced Functions >> View Service Request).


      On HPD:IncidentInterface_Create form, there is a field 'Create Request' (Yes/No?). Though I select it as Yes, it is not creating REQxxxxxxxxxxxx ticket.

      Can anybody tell me what parameters I need to pass in HPD:IncidentInterface_Create for generating service request for the incident ticket?


      After successful testing, I can pass these parameters in Web Service as well.


      AR Server  - 7.5 patch 004

      ITSM application - 7.6.00 patch 001

      SRM is integrated with Incident Management.


      Thanks in Advance!



      Anirudha D