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    BladeLogic inventory

      Unable to make the deployment of BladeLogic by the GPO, as it should run from the console to deploy BladeLogic for the discovery of machines.

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          Bill Robinson

          Can you explain what you are trying to do in more detail please ?

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            or yes, in our institution has installed BladeLogic, total 10000 machines are average but to date only have in the database with 3600, the distribution of the agent by GPO has been unsuccessful, we have sent the agent endpoint for deployments from the console with no response, have opened the ports suggested by the manufacturer.

            my doubt is how it should be the discovery by the tool automatically, and the depliegue done from the console I can indicate a step by step. in order to establish whether the procedure is performed poorly.

            I appreciate the collaboration.

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              Bill Robinson

              i'm still not sure i understand:


              you are trying to install the RSCD agent on systems in your domain w/ a GPO.  that does not work so you are trying to use the Unified Agent Installer instead from the BSA GUI. 


              is there some issue getting the agent to install in that way ?  if you want to use the UAI to install you need to provide it a list of systems to target.  do you have such a list or are you expecting bsa to automatically discover servers on your network to target ?