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    OEL advanced OS components - provisioning

      Our client is provisioning OEL6.2 servers via BSA 8.2


      when we are setting up system packages for this OS, the OS Components tab in the system package contains the available components we can choose to deploy as part of the OS provision job.

      it looks like this in the kickstart
















      We are trying to add advanced options like Resilient Storage and High Availability to the provision as well,


      we tried to add these by adding






      to the kickstart file. The problem is during provisioning it says that these are unrecognized components, even though there is a High Availibility folder in the install media, and these RPMs are refernced via a symlink. Our Blade app server and our pxestore are all on a Windows 2008 box so theres an issue with broken symlinks. The system package contains basic OS component option and we cant add these advanced components.


      Im wondering if there is a workaround and if there is a way to add these OS components to the provision.