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    AIE DB2 adapter issue

    Yogesh Deshpande

      We are on 764patch2 (ARS/Atrium/ITSM) in a windows environment.


      We are trying to use AIE's DB2 adapter to pull data from DB2 tables.


      From the command prompt, when we run the below command, it throws error



      D:\Program Files\BMC Software\AtriumCore\aie\service64\bin>db2helper -ax <AR Server> -ar <PORT> -al <RemedyAdminLogin> -ap <RemedyAdminPwd> -da <DB2ALias> -dl <DB2User> -dp <DB2UserPwd> -di <DB2Instance> -t


      ERROR ***
      Connection to DB2 database failed:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Function sequ
      ence error

      Failed to Connect to DB2 Database



      1 The DB2 Client is installed on the server where AIE is installed

      2 We are able to login to DB2 using the Db2 client with the details used in the above command (Which proves that the Db2 client & the credentials are fine)

      3 Same Db2 client (but a 32Bit version) is installed on a 7.1 AIE server  where this works fine.


      we are in the proces of upgrading AIE from 71 to 764 patch2 and the issue is coming..


      Has anyone seen this?



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