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    Patching a windows 2008 server without reboots

      I am provisioning windows 2008 64bit r2 enterprise servers using bbsa 8.2 and CLM 2.1

      Part of the post provisioning step is the patch the server.


      I can successfully provision the server and all post provisioning steps are successful as well - but the application of the windows patches are taking too long.

      I found that the process is waiting for the user to click the "restart server" button on the server GUI.


      I set the remediation options to ignore reboots and reboot the server at the end - but it still is stopping the process wanting some end user interaction.


      How do I bypass the reboot prompt?

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          Joshua Skirde

          Hi David,


          It sounds like one of the patches you are installing is not having its reboot supressed. You could try and do a "shutdown /a" as post command but it's unlikely to work as the job doesn't sound like it is completing at all.


          You're best off trying to track down which patch by looking on the target that is prompting and checking the running processes. Hopefully you will be able to see the patch running. I'd suggest you try that patch on its own and if you get reproducible results then raise it with support.


          Kind regards,