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    Upgrading RSCD Agents from 8.0 to 8.2-changing install path

      We prefer not to directly upgrade the 8.0 agent to 8.2 because it would keep the installation path of BMC Software\BladeLogic\8.0\RSCD (version specific for some reason) really indefinitely with upgrade after upgrade.  We are testing a file job successfully, that runs a post command script to uninstall 8.0, and install 8.2 in a non-version specific installation path.  We are hesitant to delete the old path of BMC Software since so we don't accidently delete other BMC Software on a small number of servers with remedy, etc.


      The old BMC BladeLogic path with 7.6 made much more sense, and we'd like to compare notes with anyone who may have felt the need to eliminate the 8.0 version in the path for the 8.2 agent upgrade.


      Is there a way to do the upgrade without an uninstall, but change the path?  If not, has anyone done anything similar to the file deploy/post command we're working on?