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    Using DISA compliance Parts on new Template

    Santhosh Justin

      Hi Guys,


      I am creating a new template which uses a few of the rules matching in DISA. so I just copied and pasted those rules from DISA template into my rule


      Now how do i ADD the extended object referenced by the DISA rule


      I tried this


      Add a dummy extended object

      rename dummy extended object to the the actual name of the extended object referenced''


      the rule accepts it and i am able to save it but when i run it it gives me error


      Warning          20 มิ.ย. 2012, 16:29:48          com.bladelogic.om.infra.model.asset.InvalidAssetTypeException: com.bladelogic.om.infra.mfw.util.NotFoundException: Could not find extended object with name = BL-LXO DISA AIX STIG GEN002000 Check and osId = 35


      If i run the DISA compliance template its all fine. Now how do i make use of those parts in my new template.