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    How to get systemPackageID in 8.2 for Provisioning

    Aryan Anantwar

      Hi Friends,


      I am trying provisioning through BLCLI.


      for that i need to use follwoing blcli command mentioned in blcli help.


      Provision provisionDevice systemPackageId macAddress aclTemplateId propsFileURL


      here, i havent get any command to find systempackageID.


      i tried ,


      Provision listSystemPackages 2000139



      [Id = DBKey:SSystemPackageKeyImpl:9-1;Name = win2k3;Desc = ,

      Id = DBKey:SSystemPackageKeyImpl:5533-1;Name = test;Desc = ,

      Id = DBKey:SSystemPackageKeyImpl:5538-1;Name = linux_package;Desc = ]


      so which value i have to use as systempackageID in the command to provisionDevice.