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    Solaris Package Installation Error

    Nitin Murkute

      Hi Friends,


      I tried to install BDA Agent through BSA8.2.

      I have added Solaris Package for BDA Agent to the depot and tries to deploy it.

      But it exit with error code -4001.

      The Packge installed manually without any problem.

      Also I tried with default command for  solaris package in BSA is,

      find ??SOURCE?? -name "*" ! -type d -exec chmod -f 644 {} \;;pkgadd -n [-a "??_INSTALL_ADMINFILE??"] [-r "??_INSTALL_RESPONSEFILE??"] -d "??SOURCEORPARENTDIR??" ??SUBPACKAGES??


      Also when I tries to create response file for the silent installation of the package it gives me the error "The Package is not interactive".

      Will the Admin file is required for the installation of Solaris Package through BSA.


      Thanks in Advance,